Bo-Peep + guests im Keller Klub Stuttgart

Date(s) - 29/10/2019
19:00 - 22:00

Keller Klub

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From the heart of Fukuoka’s underground scene come Bo-Peep, three girls representing a generation raised on ’90s grunge and making a startlingly hard sound.

Bo-Peep are a three-piece girl band (guitar, bass and drums) with no added nonsense, achieving the utmost simple chaos from their instruments, tough-brittle lyrics and cage-rattling vocals. Like the best of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins’ music, at the core of that chaos lies pure harmony surrounding solid, catchy melodies – and in that blend comes their originality.

In 2008 Bo-Peep presented their second full-length album‘SICK ORANGE TELEVISION’, while the first album ‘Is It Good For You’ was released in the UK, the recordings capture the aura and power of their live performances, which see the band savage the stage like girls possessed, from Japan’s prestigious Fuji Rock festival all the way to Britain’s In The City, The Great Escape, London Calling festivals, and beyond.

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Keller Klub
Rotebühlplatz 4
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